Monday, September 28, 2009

Do you really believe in yourself?

Listen, before I joined Bulletproof Cash System I was having a moment where I lost faith in myself. When I do this, I right away change my thinking.I either do this by making a video about it or watching one. Well, I decide to watch one of my most respected speakers, Bob proctor. I watched this video, Joined Bulletproof Cash System and have never looked back. That doesn't mean I won't ever lose faith in myself again. Yet, I know if I do, I will change my state immediately. Do you know how to do this. Send me a reply and I will teach you. Until then, let's create a unstoppable team with Bulletproof Cash System.

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Anytime you lose faith watch this:


  1. Great post Jesse, your a real inspiration my man!

  2. Good call Jesse - I have a lot of books and last night I purchased The Secret!! Strange how I've suddenly stumbled across this.... or is it???!! The Secret Unabridged Audio Book (or book) is better than the DVD!!

    Michael Owen

  3. Well done Michael! I love the secret and all their teachings. You sound like a person that truly believes that in order to be successful you have to attract success. Thanks for your post.