Monday, September 28, 2009

What would working with like minded people do for your business?

What kind of people are you working with to build your business? Are they people who think like you? Do they wake up every morning with a positive mindset, ready to rock the day? Are they not only comitted to their success but to yours as well. Here are 5 types of people you must work with.

1. People who have goals, not only for themselves but their entire team.

2. Business partners who are motivating, exciting and ready to take on anything.

3. people who are willing to sacrifice to help others and ask nothing in return.

4. Someone who will pass on knowledge, even if though they won't gain from it.

5. The most important type of person is someone who just refuses to quit until money is made for everyone.

Find people like this to build your business and carry these traits yourself. Money will always be zero, until you find them.

Yes, I do practice what I preach, In Bulletproof Cash System I only surround myself with these types of people. Together we create a millionaires mindset.

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  1. Yes that is absolutely huge! I love working with like-minded people and when you do that, your business will grow exponentially!